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How To Make This Your Best Year Ever

Are you ready for this to be your best, most successful year ever?  Have you set your goals?  Have you evaluated your past year?  Do you have a vision of your life at the end of this year?  Do you have a plan of action?   If you answer to these questions is yes, that’s great but you are missing a key ingredient if you really are serious about having the best year ever!

The key ingredient is your mind.  Talk is cheap.  Writing goals down is easy.   Have you acknowledged that there will be challenges, there will be tough times, there will be setbacks in reaching your dream life?  If not, answer the question below.

Which one are you?

  1. You believe that you have NO control over your life; that everything is destiny?
  2. You believe that you have TOTAL control over everything that happens in your life?

Well, if you are having a difficult time deciding, that’s great!  Life is not one or the other —  It’s a combination.  There are some things that we cannot control.  For instance, we cannot control the wind.  We can’t control where it blows or how strongly it blows or if it blows at all.  We just have to stay in tune with the weather channel to know what is taking place and then we have to prepare for it.  When the wind comes in the form of a tornado and causes destruction, we have to respond and adjust.  We have no control over what the wind is going to do.

On the other hand, we have TOTAL control over what we are going to do in accordance to what the wind is doing.  Think of a sailboat out in the water.  According to what the wind is doing, the captain of the boat makes adjustments to the sail to make sure the boat continues on the right course in order to reach the proper destination.  The captain has no control over the wind, but has total control over the sail.

The captain can be informed of the wind and can prepare for the changes to the wind but he can’t change the wind.  He can change his sail.  If the captain makes no adjustments to the changes in the wind, then he will not know his destination until he gets there because the wind is in control.

Acknowledge these facts.

  1. You are the captain of your sailboat.
  2.  The different areas in your life are the sails.
  3. You conrol the sails.
  4. The circumstances over which you have no contol in life is the wind.
  5. You cannot control the wind.
  6. Focus on the things you can control.
  7. Understand that there will be some wind in your life:  challenges, tough times, and set backs.
  8. Adjust your sail to those and keep on the course to reach your destination.

What does your life look like at the end of this year?  That’s your destination.  Stay focused.  Don’t let anything take you off course.  Your life is worth it!  Your family is worth it.  All the people who will benefit from your success will be worth it.

If I can give you three words for 2013:  Persevere, persevere, persevere!  Don’t quit.  Follow your dream for your life and never, ever let the wind determine your destination!

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