My Interview with Millionaire Matt Lloyd

ME: Matt, how did MOBE begin?

Matt Lloyd: I got started in ’08…. spent a few years going around in circles, never
gaining any traction, and just in a constant state of frustration.

Around early 2011, I started to put together some real plans, and, started taking
things a lot, lot more seriously.

I’d invested so much into this whole internet marketing thing… that it was literally
killing me to still have not made a lot of progress.

I become more determined than ever, and, MOBE was created as a result.

Me: What is the secret to MOBE’s fast growth?

Matt Lloyd: It’s all about helping others get what they want.

If you want to become wealthy, you need to figure out how to leverage the efforts
of others.

If your business is just you, you can only be in one place at a time, and get so much

BUT… if you can recruit an army of people to go out there into the market place, to
get behind your company and want to share it with the world, that’s how you can have
expontial growth.

People are going to naturally ask, “what’s in it for me?” before they go and do that though.

So… you have to make them a good offer.

One of the key turning points for me, was when I came out with the MOBE License Rights
program in mid 2011.

It was a system to market and sell my products, and, the partners got to keep most of
all the sales they made (90% co missions on the front end programs).

At the time… no one else was really doing that.

So, people loved it, and started to spread the word about MOBE.
I was paying them better than anyone else (and to this day, I think that MOBE can turn
someones traffic into money better than most in this industry), and so they chose to
promote MOBE over other companies.

Really what I’d done, is created a true partnership, that was win-win for the both of us.

I try to always be upfront with my partners, and treat them as I’d like to be treated if
I was promoting for someone else.

I don’t get it perfect all the time… but, I try to, and I never stop improving the system.

Me: You are well known for saying that your goal is to take MOBE to 20 mill in revenue
by the end of 2013… how do you plan on doing that?

Matt Lloyd: Well, we’re at 2.5 mill now. So, that means we have to average about 1.45
mill a month – which is quite a bit more than what we’re doing right now, to be honest.

However, what a lot of people don’t get, is how exponential growth can kick in.

If you have the right marketing system in place, things can grow very quickly.

Just think about it: 18 months back, I was making less than 1k a month. And look where
we are now… that’s expontial growth for you.

What we are focussing on right now in my company is setting up the systems and infrastructure
to be able to grow very quickly over the next 12 months.

I have about 12 full time staff now, and, we are bringing on a few more, so we can handle
the rapid growth that is starting to just kick in now.

It comes across as arrogant when I say this… but, MOBE will soon become the Number 1
company in our space in terms of what we do and can offer our parnters.

There’s a lot of competition out there, who are very good at what they do.

But I will not stop working, until what we offer our MOBE License Rights partners is a better
deal than what anyone else offers.


So there you have it.

I hope you can now understand why I’m such an advocate of MOBE, and, why I chose to
get involved in the MOBE License Rights program.

If you want to know more about it, and hear directly from Matt about how it all works… I
suggest you watch the following:

Matt explains the whole thing, and how it works in that video. Watch it now.

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Why Start a Home Based Greeting Card Business?

I laugh at the title of this blog because to me a home based greeting card business is a “no brainer!”  Who doesn’t like to send and receive unexpected greeting cards in the real mail!  And the fact that you can earn some extra money sending cards, is just icing on the cake.

Five reasons to start a home-based greeting card business:

1.  It’s FUN!

2.  Have some extra money to spend.

3.  You don’t have to sell anybody anything!!!

4.  Everybody buys or knows somebody who buys greeting cards and gifts.

5.  You can do this business from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

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MLM Success – Three Bad Habits That Steal Your Money

How many bad habits do you have?  Seriously, don’t answer that question!   There are some things we just don’t need to know.  But if you are working a home-based MLM business and you are not making the money you thought you should be making, it’s time to do a bad habit checkup.

There are three bad habits that steal your money in your MLM business. 

The first bad habit is proscrastination.  You know or should know the main activity that will make you money in your business.  For most people in the MLM business, the activity that will make them the most money has to do something with “inviting” people.  It may be inviting them to host a party, inviting them to make an appointment for a demonstration,  inviting them to watch a DVD,   inviting them to send a card, or inviting them to taste a product.    Those are just a few that came to mind.  I’m sure there are a host of others. 

There is no reason to go through the psychology of why we procrastinate because the bottom line is we procrastinate basically because we don’t like doing something or we don’t think we do something well; and if we have the option of putting it off, we do. 

Since our main activity is “inviting” others, the assumption is that you procrastinate because you don’t want to be rejected.  Who cares if someone says no, not right now.  Go to someone else.  You are in business to  make money.  There are plenty of people who would love your product and love to join your team.   Your job is to just keep moving and find them.   It’s not personal.  

You want to make the most money possible and the only way you are going to do that is to find the people who want the same thing that you want. 

The second bad habit is not participating in professional development.  I don’t care what business you are in, professional growth is a must.    As a teacher, we were required to participate in continued education and that cost came out of our pockets.  Regardless of what industry you are in, you must keep learning and growing professionally.  I don’t know of an industry that does not require professionals to receive continuous education on the company and its products or services.

MLM success depends on having the right mindset to grow your business.  You are not working for anyone else.  Your entire income depends on your being able to relate, communicate and respond to others.    Those who are enjoying MLM success are those who participate in professional growth daily.   

Are you reading books that others who have been successful in MLM have written? Are you participating in weekly conference calls from your MLM company?  Have you identified your area of weakness and focused on training that will transform your weakness into a strength.  If you don’t know your weakness, just ask yourself what is it you don’t like to do and why you don’t like it and that is probably your weakness.  Then find someone who is the master in your area of weakness and connect with them through seminars, books, or audio or video training.

The third bad habit is blaming others for your failure.  The most empowering aspect of network marketing is that “you are in control.”  You determine what you are going to do?  You determine how much time you are going to spend doing it?  You determine what you are going to do to improve your skills and mindset. 

The ones who get into network marketing as a way to get-rich-quick-doing-nothing are the ones who play the blame game.  No one has the right to play the blame game unless they have absolutely participated in every training activity their company offers and does every single activity their company tells them to do and has done this consistently for  at least two years.

I hope this article has helped you think through the bad habits that are stealing your money.  Even more importantly, I hope it has motivated you to take control of your daily activities, your professional development, and your business success!

We all know there is money to be made in network marketing.  What stands between you and the money you want to be making is YOU!    Are you ready for an extreme business makeover!   Then you must say,  “Bus Driver, Move Those Bad Habits!!!”

Just in case you are wondering, procrastination is by far the number one bad habit that was stealing my money in my network marketing business.  I procrastinated because of fear that I would not know what to say to others if they asked me questions, and I proscrastinated because I feared rejection.  By far, the most helpful training to me was “The Psychology of Asking” by Jeffery Combs.  It has helped me so much that I became an affiliate of this product!

I would love to hear about what you are doing to “move your bad habits.”

How Conquering One Word Could Change Your Life Forever

Read this article and your life could change forever.  There is one word that if taken out of your vocabulary would, without a doubt, drastically change your life.  It is a word so powerful that it keeps the good from being the best.  It keeps the great from being the greatest.  But most importantly it keeps the happy from being the happiest. 

 If you are a smoker, I bet you want to quit smoking?  If you are unhealthy physically, I bet you really want to be a healthier person.  If you are stressed, I bet you want to be unstressed!   If you are broke, I bet you want to have more money.  Even if you aren’t broke, I bet you want to have more money!  If you can’t get along with someone, I bet you really want to get along with them.

Why is it that we don’t do the things we know we need to do to make a difference in our lives?   Why is it that we always know what we need to do yet, we don’t do it?  It’s because of one little word that has so much power in our lives.

 That one word is procrastination!   Why do we let procrastination control us?  It controls us because what we really want to do is painful and we will do something else less productive to avoid pain.  And we justify our actions.   We take the attitude that we can do it later and later never comes.

Personally, I am a recovering proscrastinator.   This is how I recovered and how you can to. 

  1. Make a list of everything in your life for which you are thankful!  More than likely people are in that list.  Let those people know today and everyday how thankful you are for them.
  2. Write down a very general answer to this question:   “If I could make one change in my life that would have the greatest impact on taking me from happy to happiest, what would it be?”  Does it involve health, finances, spirituality, or your family.
  3. Write down very specific activities  that  if you do regularly everyday they will move you closer to becoming the person you want to become.   These must be very specific and realistic activities that have associated times or quantities.  For instance, I am doing  _____ for ___ minutes today.
  4. Prioritize that list by which of those activities if done regularly will help you reach your goal the quickest. 
  5. Make a purpose-driven decision each day to take that action.  Do not procrastinate.    Each day is a fresh start.  Begin each day new and fresh because it is the first day of the rest of your life.  Don’t beat yourself up if one day you did not take the action that you should have taken.
  6. Watch your life change as you take action.  The more intentional and focused you are with your activity, the easier the activity will become.

Research documents that if you are consistent with an activity for 30 days, that it will become less painful.  The only way you won’t become the person you really are is if you quit!  Don’t quit!

We all know that if we keep doing the same thing we’ve always done, then we are going to get the same thing that we’ve always gotten.  Why don’t we do something different?   The answer is procrastination.  And we procrastinate mainly because we avoid those activities that cause us pain.  If we don’t like to do something, we do something else. 

 The key to becoming a recovering procrastinator is to start making it a habit to do those things that you know if completed will move you from where you are to where you want to be. 

I wish you the best as you become a recovering procrastinator!

By the way, if you are in a network marketing business and you want to become a recovering procrastinator, check out Jeffery Combs as he coaches you through becoming a recovering procrastinator and  Becoming the Master Asker!

If You Could Buy a 2009 Beemer for $398, Would You?

Well, I don’t have one to sell, but I might as well and you should to if you are in network marketing. 

You have a great opportunity that is worth more than a Beemer over the course of time.  Yet, the number one objection that most network marketers receive from a prospect is “I don’t have the money.” 

Is that really true?  Let me re-ask the question. 

If I had a 2009 Beemer that I was selling  for $398 just for today, would you find $398? 

Of course, you would.  Any of us would. 

The real objection is that the prospect doesn’t think that your opportunity is valuable enough!  If it were as valuable to him as a Beemer, you better believe he would find the money!

The problem:  The prospect doesn’t see the real value in the opportunity you are presenting to him.

The solution:  Ask the right questions so that there is no question in his mind that your opportunity is indeed so valuable that he would be crazy not to come up with the money—just as crazy if he could not come up with the money to purchase  the Beemer.

You think that is easier said than done.  Not really.  It’s just a matter of training your ears to listen and your mind to respond with better questions so that the prospect realizes that your opportunity could have him making more money than he has ever made or has ever dreamed of making.

Look at this scenario after you have made your presentation or whatever you do to show others the great opportunity that you have.

Your prospect:   I don’t have the money.
You:  You are telling me that you see how this opportunity could change your life forever and if you had the money, you would join?
Your prospect:  Yes.  
You:  Great.  When do you plan on having the money?
Your prospect:  I don’t know. 
You:  If you did know, when would you have the money? 
Your prospect:  I really don’t know. 
You:  You said you see how this opportunity can change your life and you really want to participate if you just had the money.  Is that correct?
Your prospect:  Yes.
You:  If I had a 2009 Beemer to sell you for $398 and that offer was good for today and today only, would you find the money to purchase the Beemer?
Your prospect:  Of course, I would.
You:  Great.  Where would you get the money?

Are you a “Master Asker?”  You could be and explode your network marketing business.  Network marketing is a great opportunity for so many people yet FEAR keeps them from responding the way they really want to respond.   It really is not about the money.  We all can find money to do whatever we want to do.  

It’s all about the asking.  You can learn how to ask questions that will take your prospect where they want to go but are just too afraid to take the step. 

It’s for certain that your prospect’s life is not going to change as long as they keep doing the same thing they have always done.  If any of us want to see a change in our lives, we must do something differently!  

Jeffery Combs is one of the most dynamic trainers in the area of becoming a master asker.

Five Secrets to Network Marketing Success: Myths or Truths?

If you are looking at starting your own home-based business, you want to be sure that you start out with truths and not with myths. 

Are these five secrets myths or truths?

1.  It doesn’t matter what home-based business you are in as long as the compensation plan is great – MYTH

You must have passion about your home-based business.  I’m not a cook and I don’t enjoy cooking, so even if somebody tells me I can make money selling cookware,  I couldn’t because I would lack passion about my product. 

You must feel passion about your product or service in order to be successful.  If you don’t use the product, if you don’t see value in the product, if you don’t believe in what the company is offering, why should anyone else.  Without passion, you are doomed for failure.

2.You can be successful in network marketing without marketing online – You decide this one!

You must enjoy the marketing approach that you are using.  For instance, I do not like home parties so I would never get involved with a company whereby the primary means of building my business depended on home parties although I know many successful network marketers who are doing very well lugging products around house to house and conducting 5 to 10 home parties a week.  That’s just not me.

I love online marketing and definitely wanted a company that was online-marketing friendly.   On-line marketing friendly means  no product to lug around to show, no inventory to keep, no home parties, no money to have to handle  — I wanted to be able to do everything on the Internet.  That way no matter where I am as long as I have a computer, I can continue to market by business.  I can be at the beach and still continue to make money. 

I know that if I can market online, then the world is my prospect or my potential customer.  What’s even better when you market online, then you have people who are interested in you and what you are doing contacting you.  No more cold calling.  No more bugging friends and neighbors.  Online marketing is working smarter—not harder.    

Your upline may not be promoting online marketing because they don’t understand it.  It has only been in the last several years with the advent of so much social media and so many new technologies added to the Internet, that online marketing is now a viable and for the most-part a free or low-cost way to market your business.

3. All Network Marketing Companies Are Illegal.  Myth.

 Network marketing has been around since the 1870’s.   In fact, I am unaware of a network marketing company in the United States that is illegal.  I think all that hype came about in 1975 when the FTC filed a suit against Amway as being a pyramid scam; yet in 1979 an administrative law judged ruled that it was a legitimate business opportunity and not a pyramid scheme.   

So what is a pyramid scheme?    A pyramid component is not what makes a business opportunity illegal or a scheme.   

4.  A legitimate business opportunity has a product or service and the basis of that product or service is to enrich the lives of the consumers.    True

What makes a business opportunity illegal is that the person offering the business opportunity is trying to trick someone into purchasing a product or a service that doesn’t exist.  Send money to me and you get nothing in return and then you get other people to do the same.

One way to look at a company’s product is to find out if it is already offering a product that people are already using.  If so, then you don’t have to sell the product because they already see the value.   Then, you want to see if the company is making the same product more affordable and more convenient for the consumer.  Think about Netflix.  It didn’t create a new product.  It promoted a product people were already using and simply made it more affordable and more convenient for the consumer.   If you want a no-brainer, look for a company that has followed the example of Netflix!

4.  You can create a six-figure income in less than a year.  True….but you decide

Who can make a six-figure income in less than a year?  

  • The person who has had a mind shift from the traditional 40 hours per week, 40,000 per year, and 40 years of work to I am worth $500 an hour and I am going to treat my time as such. 
  • The person who truly understands that corporate America means you are working to build someone else’s empire and not your own. 
  • The person who understands that anyone who truly wants and desires to be successful in network marketing can be successful regardless of their level of education can.
  • The person who is willing to treat their home based business like a full-time job can be tremendously successful. 
  • The person who understands that he or she is the only one responsible for his or her dreams becoming reality.

Be sure your company has a great compensation plan because you are not in the non-profit business!

PS – If you love your home-based business or if you are looking for a home based business, these three guys have put the pieces of the online marketing puzzle together.  It is what took me from no online marketing skills to becoming an expert online marketer.   Check it out if you are truly serious about learning how to effectively market online and skyrocket your business.