How a Newbie to Internet Marketing Made 32 Sales in Less Than 30 Days!

Discover How an Internet Marketing Newbie Made 32 Sales in Less Than 30 Days.

I really did this.  My first experience with Internet Marketing once I became serious with it, gave me some amazing results.

If you want to know the first thing that I did, well click  HERE to find out.


It is a fascinating world and one that anybody can learn.  There are lots of people making money on the Internet and if they can do it, I figured surely I could.

Well, I started searching on the Internet.  I spent lots of money buying stuff, spent hours on end trying to learn it…..and still going nowhere ..UNTIL….I listened to this one guy speak.  In fact, I made a video about him and it almost won me $1,000 in…well, here it is if you want to watch it.  Click on this link —


It’s a pretty weird link because it is at You Tube Video and it is only 2 minutes but it’s  a pretty cool story if you can get past my southern drawl…..

Well, if I can get this going — as old as I am — anybody can do it…..if you need any help getting started, shoot me an email or call me.

I made a lot of mistakes and I can help you avoid some of those.

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